Myths About Hosting Websites

Unlimited Disk Space

As a gimmick, many companies advertise plans that, in theory, offer unlimited disk space for their customers, but that doesn’t mean it’s infinite. Servers and website hosting services are limited in their structure and are not able to offer unlimited space. After all, every disk has a storage limit, as it is a hard disk.

So, the most suitable choice will depend on each site. If your idea is to work with a lot of photos and videos, for example, the space offered should be one of your priorities.

Free Hosting Is Better

Especially for those who are starting and still do not have a very large structure, it is common to believe that free website hosting plans will always do the job.

But the reality is quite different. As the project starts to grow, the limitations of free plans become increasingly evident. Thus, in a short time, this can become an obstacle in the way of your growth, since this type of hosting does not provide all the necessary resources to continue the expansion of your website.

This is part of a strategy known as freemium (the combination of the words free and premium), in which certain tools are offered for free, while others are charged separately. In addition, there are many cases in which customers who opted for free hosting are unable to switch servers.

In the end, this hosting model proves to be expensive and disadvantageous for those who want to create a professional website and have plans to grow.

Technical Support Solves Everything

Even with access to so much information on the internet, at times we need to rely on the help and experience of an expert in the area, so technical support is a key factor when choosing a website hosting service. Problems can happen at any time, can’t they?

However, the real role of technical support remains. This type of service is offered by companies to resolve issues related to the hosting server, which ranges from domain pointing to identifying security flaws and website performance problems. However, the service is not linked to problems in the development and creation of the website, such as errors in the code or customization of website themes. In addition, many companies offer a very complete Knowledge Base – which helps when performing the technical procedures on the site.

Hosting With 100% Uptime

Another myth concerns uptime, which is the guarantee of availability of a website on the server. There are some companies that claim to offer 100% uptime, that is, they say they guarantee that their websites will be 100% available on the server. And this is not true, as several factors can force a hosting server to be unavailable, even for a simple machine reboot.

When we talk about hosting websites, the maximum that can be guaranteed is between 99.5% and 99.9% uptime.

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Truths About Website Hosting

Security is Critical

Internet users are extremely suspicious and concerned about their online safety. Therefore, it is essential to adopt actions in order to make your website more secure and reliable. The main security measure that must be taken is the installation of SSL Certificate.

The SSL Certificate uses encryption to mask visitor data and guarantees that third parties do not have access to this type of information. It is worth noting that a website that has an SSL Certificate installed on its system has the HTTPS protocol.

This security protocol informs visitors that the website they have accessed is secure, protecting the exchange of information considered confidential, such as credit card numbers and other personal data.

If ensuring the safety of user data and trying to circumvent their distrust were not enough reasons to have a safe website, all this became even more important after the latest updates promoted by Google in the Chrome browser. In addition to changes related to SEO, the company started to inform Internet users whether the sites accessed are safe or not. That is, if your site does not have the tools to be trusted by Google.

It Is Possible to Create a Website by Yourself

The answer is: yes! Nowadays, you don’t have to be a programmer to develop your own website. There are several tools that provide the necessary resources for creating a website, the most famous being WordPress.

There Is Free Migration

In general, hosting companies help their new customers to migrate their websites to the server. Some of them, when purchasing a plan, this entire process is done for free by technical team, whether for migrating new accounts or for those who need to change to a dedicated server. However, it is important to be aware of the migration conditions, such as structure compatibility and file size.